Populus deltoides - botanical butterfly
For why should the slaughter of an ox or a sheep be a greater wrong than the felling of a fir or an oak, seeing that a soul is implanted in these trees also?” Similarly, the Hidatsa Indians of North America believe that every natural object has its spirit, or to speak more properly, its shade. To these shades some consideration or respect is due, but not equally to all. For example, the shade of the cottonwood, the greatest tree in the valley of the Upper Missouri, is supposed to possess an intelligence which, if properly approached, may help the Indians in certain undertakings........ {click anywhere in paragraph for more reading}
This article is in memory of a very dear friend of mine who was recently cut down.  If you have been in our garden, you will notice {maybe....hopefully} that it is edged in these incredible thick pieces of bark. This bark is from a Cottonwood tree.
The Omaha tribes ascribed mystery to the cottonwood due to its self reliance, ability to reproduce rapidly and to the fact that its leaves resembled water ripples dancing as they rustled gently in the breeze. It was believed that the air was never so still that the leaves were not in motion, even on a hot, still summer afternoon you can hear the gentle rustle of the leaves, at night as well, they rattle and whisper when all else is still. The tribes believed that the winds were the paths of the Sacred Ones and the rustling leaves were a constant reminder of this mystery.

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    Hearing the wind....
    From the time a gypsy child is very young, they learn to listen to the trees.
    In fact, Wind Whispering is probably the first magic a young gypsy learns.
    To do it, simply lie beneath a tree with a question in your head.
    Let yourself drift into a quiet wondering, the question always in your mind, and then focus on the wind moving through the tree’s leaves.
    After a time, it is said that the stirrings will resolve themselves into softly spoken words, and the answer to your question will be made clear.

    Another simple tree gift is to sit with your back against a strong tree when you’re tired out or are feeling ill. You sit until the bark pressing into your back no longer feels like pain, and you feel yourself sinking back into the tree’s flesh. Then feel the power of the earth being drawn up through the tree’s roots, nourishing not only the tree, but filling your body as well.
    Soon you’ll feel a powerful vitality flooding through you, and when you rise to your feet again, you’ll find that you’re ready to conquer anything!

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